The Complex Sportif Guimond has 3 ice rinks of 2 different dimensions.

All the ice rinks are available for private or corporate leasing and are equipped with a scoreboard and sound system for you to host your events.

For your comfort and a better reception, a restaurant area is located on the 2nd floor overlooking rink 1 and 2, and stands in rink 3 are heated.

Watch the performance of your favourites in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Ice 1 (Sports Rousseau)

Dimension 130 x 60

Ice 2 (Patino)

Dimension 130 x 60

Ice 3 (NHL)

Dimension 200 x 85

Stands: 700 seating heated places, for a total of 1,000 places

V.I.P. Reception lounge with hockey ice view